Building Healthier Communities and Creating a Better World For All.
We are a constellation of compassionate innovators expanding opportunities for better health, quality of life, and economic and societal advancement.
Trimm Global Charities is a human potential catalyst, providing innovative solutions that help marginalized, underserved, and poverty-stricken individuals within communities to live in peace, prosperity, and health. WE FOCUS on leading cultural transformation through girls and women’s empowerment, community development, and medical outreach.


WE BELIEVE the key to sustainable development rests in developing people’s natural capacity to gain self-sufficiency and progress through the power of community-driven solutions.
Community development improves lives and builds prosperity by maximizing the potential of each member to take advantage of economic opportunities, optimize their health, and build toward a better future for their families. Our work is vital to ending the cycle of poverty. WE ESTABLISH practical and innovative ways to meet community needs while building strong economic, environmental, and social conditions that lift families out of poverty. Community Building is an Investment, Not an Expense


WE BELIEVE strong women build strong nations.
Women have a unique ability to transform societies. When we invest in the power and potential of women, the returns are seen in healthier and better-educated children, stronger and more economically-resilient families, more vibrant and thriving communities, and more prosperous nations. WE OFFER impact-focused initiatives to women in impoverished communities that increase access to healthcare, promote economic opportunity, and support social empowerment. A Woman’s Worth is Priceless


WE BELIEVE positively affecting the conditions in which girls grow up, helps every girl value herself, take risks, and develop her inherent strengths.
When a girl believes in herself, when she’s empowered with knowledge and skills, when she has access to services, mentors, and opportunities, she becomes a visible, vocal catalyst who changes the future of her community and the destiny of her nation. WE EQUIP girls to navigate gender limitations caused by social and economic barriers, helping them grow up healthy, educated, and independent. With You in Her Corner, She Will Succeed


WE BELIEVE access to adequate preventative health care brings vigor and hope.
Access to preventative care not only saves lives but also elevates the quality of life by alleviating challenges and eliminating the shame often caused by symptoms that could otherwise be prevented. WE DELIVER medical aid and preventative services in partnership with teams of healthcare professionals to communities either underserved or unable to access basic health services. Good Health Changes Everything
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