Grace For Accelerated Growth

June 5, 2017

“And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.”
Luke 2:40

If you missed last Thursday’s 4 Points Broadcast, you will want to go listen to it on demand now!

We took another deep dive into our study of the “Eight Stages of Spiritual Maturation”—excavating fundamental keys to growing up spiritually and accessing greater levels of spiritual authority.

If you’ve ever felt stuck in an old pattern or that you’re missing out on something greater, you need to listen to this!

The 3rd Stage of spiritual development is where your character is formed and you are positioned to grow into the fullness of your identity.

You will need to embrace the power principles and success strategies offered at this stage if you are to walk in the authority necessary for you to fulfill your assignment.

Learn how you can take full advantage of the maturation process.

At each stage of development, there are specific keys you must understand—foundational truths you must master—that will propel you forward and launch you into your Kingdom destiny.

If you want to inherit all things that pertain to life and godliness, you must grow in the knowledge of God…

“His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him.”
2 Peter 1:3

Because as you grow in the knowledge of God, you will grow in grace—and it is only by God’s grace you are able to access all of the benefits and promises available to you in Christ!

In our last broadcast, we talked about this critical stage of growing up spiritually. This is where we really unpack what it means to develop in the area of grace.

There is so much we unlock in this session, that I want you to go now and listen to the replay!

I don’t want you to miss any of these deep truths that I know will dramatically accelerate your growth.

Click the image below or download the app so you can listen wherever you are or on the go.

“Through these promises you can have God’s own life in you now!”
2 Peter 1:4 NLV

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