Ascend Into New Realms Of Power

March 6, 2017

“Speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.”
Ephesians 4:15 NIV

We have been teaching on the 8 Stages of Spiritual Maturation during our 4 Points Broadcast—and because it has been so powerful, I am opening up these live sessions to the public!

We’ve had such an amazing time with our studio audience that we want to make this available to more people!

Two times per month, I will be teaching a Bible Study that will provide live filming for an all-new curriculum.

Enjoy a night of empowerment, biblical teaching, dynamic preaching, and personal ministry!

Please plan to join me this Thursday at 6pm here in Atlanta—click here for details!

You will learn first hand how you can build your capacity to grow and develop in all areas of life.

I decree and declare this is a season of quantum leaping!

This is a season of extraordinary grace for spiritual growth. 

And as you grow spiritually, the favor upon your life will grow.

You will not only grow in favor with the Lord, you’re going to be favored by people in positions of power and influence.

“The boy Samuel grew and was in favor both with the Lord and with men.”
1 Samuel 2:26 NLV

Spiritual maturity brings favor. Wherever you grow and mature, you will grow in favor. 

Favor opens doors to new realms of opportunity, influence, and blessing.

As you mature spiritually, your grace is going to be matured, your anointing is going to be matured, and the favor upon your life will introduce you to new realms of living and leading.

You will enter a new realm where people will pull greatness out of you.

You must learn to inhabit the realm where you ultimately desire to live.

How do you access new realms of power?

You live there. You take up residence there by growing and maturing in the grace of God upon your life.

This is what we have been learning to do in recent weeks during the 4 Points Broadcast!

Join me in person this Thursday evening as we reveal keys to elevating your life!

I will continue to explain how you live in a realm, understand in dimensions, and grow in stages.

And although we grow intellectually through information, education, and experience, we grow and mature spiritually by revelation and truth.

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32 NIV

You need to be able to locate where you are.

It is entirely possible for you to be mature spiritually, but financially to still be in the womb.

It is possible for you to be financially independent, but emotionally dependent (or worse, codependent!).

So we want to see God maturing us in all areas.

When Jesus said, “Look, the evil one comes, but he has no place in Me” (see John 14:30), He was saying that all of the areas of His life were fully matured and that the enemy couldn’t use anything to penetrate it.

When you’re mature in one area, yet immature in another, an adolescent in another, and incubated in another, do you realize those are stepping-stones the enemy can use to step right into your life?

This is why you must become fully mature in every area of your life!

Growth is the process that brings us to a place of maturity so that we can access our inheritance.

The story of the Prodigal Son illustrates the process of transitioning into maturity. (See Luke 15: 11-24.)

Unlike how you may have heard this portion of Scripture taught, this is not a parable about two sons—but it is a metaphor for two different dispensations.

The older son represents the dispensation of law, while the younger son represents the dispensation of grace.

The younger son depicts the process of maturation that each believer is going to go through.

Therefore, we all have a degree of prodigal in us.

A prodigal son is not a rebellious son, but rather an immature son.

Just because you are immature and ignorant does not mean you are demon possessed—it means you need a tutor and a governor so that you can build capacity!

A lot of times we label people as “rebellious” when all they need is more information.

When we provide the necessary context and concepts so these can be properly understood—a person will inevitably strive to apply it.

We don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence, instead we want to build their capacity to grow and develop.

Sometimes we call people rebellious when we want to control them.

We don’t want to control anyone because then they will remain immature.

We want to grow people so they will become mature enough to move from the milk to the meat of the Word—and then from that experience go on to teach others.

With our prodigal son, because he remained immature, he gave his personal power away until he found himself in a pigpen feeding swine—and as a Jew, no place could have been farther from where God had called him to be!

When you give your personal power away, you will always compromise your convictions and core values.

He lost his will, identity, and sense of self.

He was waiting for someone to change his life, but no one was going to come to his rescue.

“No one was giving anything to him.”
Luke 11:16 AMP

If something is going to happen, it’s up to you! You’ve got the grace of God on your life, but it must be exercised.

Grace is like being set free… Whenever you’ve been freed or liberated, that liberty has to be exercised. 

If the freedom you’ve been given is not acted upon, you will remain a slave.

The grace of God has to be exercised! You’ve got to do something with it!

Grace is always attached to something: to an assignment, purpose, or vision—or an answer to your problem.

What is the grace upon your life attached to?

Is it grace to get up? To be healed? Delivered? To start your own business? 

You are graced for something!

Now when the prodigal son finally “came to himself,” the Scripture says that he made a decision:

“I will arise.”
Luke 11:18

Decisions determine your destiny, because they harness the power of your intention.

When you intend to do something, heaven and earth will conspire to get you the resources you need to make that happen.

Do you intend to grow?

Do you intend to mature?

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Join our studio audience this Thursday in Atlanta—or livestream our next  4 Points Broadcast! 

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