The True Measure of Greatness: Servant Leadership

April 12, 2016

“They…have given themselves to the service of God’s people. I beg you, my friends, to follow the leadership of such people as these, and of anyone else who works and serves with them.

1 Corinthians 16:15-15 GNT

You have probably heard a great deal about the importance of servant leadership, but you might be surprised where you see it most revealed.

Think about what makes a company or brand great.

What is it about companies such as the Ritz Carlton, American Express, Chanel, Mercedes Benz, Nordstrom, and Apple that makes their names synonymous with excellence and exclusivity?

It’s not only about the quality of their distinctive products, but also the stellar service they provide. Companies such as these don’t over-promise and under-deliver. They consistently over-deliver.

Simply put, they deliver the “wow” every time.

This type of service is what servant leadership is all about, and it should be the heartbeat of every helps and hospitality ministry across the Body of Christ.

Does your company or church culture have this same service-minded, zero-defects approach?

Acquiring the proper attitude and posture toward helps and hospitality is more than just understanding the concept of “service,” it is one of the essential elements that will set your business, ministry, or personal brand head and shoulders above the rest.

It is the “X-Factor” in business, ministry, and personal success.

With all of the Kingdom authority to which we have access, we must also recognize that the power to lead influentially is found exclusively in the willingness to serve. The former cannot exist and be effective without the latter.

If these brands have built industry monopolies and family dynasties by getting the “how can I serve you” approach right, imagine what God could do if the Church understood that Helps and Hospitality is less about ushers and deacons and more about industry-specific, transformational servant-leadership.

If your context is wrong your conclusion will be wrong.

Serving is not a demeaning role that we give individuals who we think are “talentless.”

Throughout the Bible, the existence of vibrant helps ministries and proactive hospitality are evident. Yet in the modern church era, we seem to have relegated this vital ministry to the bottom of the proverbial totem pole.

Traditionally and religiously, the Helps and Hospitality Ministry has been perceived as both menial and mundane; activities reserved for those who are not really “called into ministry” in an official capacity.

Helps and hospitality is at the center of God’s best will for the Church.

When you discover that the entire Godhead serves, you will begin to realize that the concept of Six-Sigma service is as ancient as God Himself—who first introduced this concept to humanity in the very first chapter of Genesis.

Even Jesus saw the necessity of ensuring this fundamental strategy was instituted as an integral part of His earthly ministry.

His disciples, working in the capacity of “helps,” assisted Him in organizing, serving, and ministering to the thousands that were drawn to Him. By so doing, they complemented and strengthened all that Jesus did, while at the same time freeing Him to hear from God on behalf of the people.

Because of this important dynamic, the proper development and implementation of the Helps Ministry should be of highest priority.

The Ministry of Helps is the heart and soul of any organization.

In the corporate arena, we call it “Customer Service” or “Client Relations.” Without it, organizations would rapidly decline and shutter their doors. Quality customer service is the front-line touch point and value-added offering of any marketplace endeavor.

The hospitality industry is a multi-billion dollar machinery. This statement alone should prove to you the worth and value of this mission critical ministry.

From concierge services to airlines, hotels to hospitals, technology to telecom, restaurants to retail, and luxury spas to luxury car dealerships, customer service is front and center.

Families such as the Marriotts and Hiltons have built their dynasties and created monopolies just by implementing the principles of quality service.

When the prescribed order is followed in the Ministry of Helps and Hospitality, the vision and mission of the Church, as well as your businesses, will be executed with excellence, impacting the bottom line and elevating the perceived value of your message or brand.

Every industry is competing for the same dollar.

Therefore, you would do well to approach developing your church or ministry from this market perspective.

Your competition is not another ministry; it is the world-class multinational corporations who like you are in the ultimate people business.

If you want to drive the perceived value of your organization up, then drive the helps and hospitality department up to industry “Six-Sigma” standards.

The proper posture and attitude toward servant-hood is an essential element of effective ministry.

Although we have access to unlimited Kingdom authority, we must recognize that the power to influence others comes from a willingness to serve.

Examples of the Ministry of Helps appear throughout Scripture: From Jethro offering his son-in-law Moses advice to Barnabas supporting Paul’s ministry…

…helpers have always allowed God’s leaders to focus on the ministry at hand.

And as we stated above, the greatest leader of all, Christ Jesus, understood the vital importance of this ministry as we see recorded throughout the gospels. (See Mark 6:34-43, 10:46-49, 14:13-16, and Matthew 21:1-6.)

Your key to success in the Kingdom and in the marketplace is harnessing the transformative power of servant leadership—power that comes through an accurate understanding and skilled implementation of the principles of helps and hospitality.

Plan now to join me for an in-depth look at this powerful Kingdom ministry July 11-16.

In this dynamic course, you will discover the intricate details of executing a biblical Ministry of Helps and Hospitality with unparalleled excellence.

You will learn how to walk in the spirit and power of servant-hood, the characteristics and hallmarks of an effective helps minister, the four steps to promotion, the power of hospitality, and the principles of spirit-led service.

The Ministry of Helps and Hospitality is not only applicable to the Body of Christ, but to both the corporate arena and the world at large.

Take your business, ministry, and life to the next level by learning the secrets of history-making servant leadership.

Join me this summer for one week of world-class training at Kingdom School of Ministry. Make your mark by tapping into your own divine ability to serve.

“Be the servant of all.”
Mark 9:35

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